Season Lines

Season Lines

Μοκέτα πλακάκι Season Lines
Season lines: 7 warm colours to combine with extreme cold.

Only recently included in the range, the new Season Lines model is a modular striped covering. The stripes on this 100% solution-dyed polyamide tile are irregularly spaced out to create truly original styles. Season Lines was included in the Season collection namely so it could be associated with the plain Winter model, to vary your look from room to room.

Season Lines is also easy to live with: it is made from solution-dyed thread, making the carpet both easy to clean and resistant to discolouration. Season Lines is ideal for the Office world. 

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Technical Details

Structure: Carpet in tiles, loop pile
Composition: 100% solution dyed nylon
Weight of pile: 540 g/m²
Total weight (g/m²) - NF ISO 8543: 3955 g/m²
Total thickness: 5.5 mm
Height of pile: 2.3 mm
Gauge - NF ISO 1763: 1/10
Tightening - NF ISO 1763: 50
Density: 197500 points/m²
Impact noise insulation: ΔLw 24 dB
Airborne noise absorption: αω 0.15
Antistatic velvet: 2kV
Thermal resistance: 0,17 m² C°/W

Fire: Bfl-s1
UPEC: 780/336T-006.1bis
Prodis: 0C668DA8

Season Lines 601 Beige
Season Lines 611 Beige
Season Lines 791 Brown
Season Lines 921 Grey
Season Lines 931 Grey
Season Lines 941 Grey
Season Lines 991 Grey

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